The 7 Sources Of Innovation

The 7 Sources of Innovation help you to look systematically for innovative Ideas. It doesn’t matter if you It neither doesn’t matter, if you are […]


Easily embed React apps into WordPress with the ReactPress plugin

Learn how you can easily embed React apps into your WordPress site with ReactPress.

Dell G7 17 7700 mit Ubuntu 20.04

Experience Dell G7 17 – 7700 with Ubuntu

I bought a Dell G7 17 – 7700 in April 2020. After now half a year, I would like to present my experiences with this […]

ReactPress Dev-Environment

Several ReactPress users struggle with their local WordPress environment to provide the necessary dependencies that are needed to run ReactPress in development mode. Especially Nodejs […]

React state management

React State Management Cheat Sheet

The quest for the ideal React state management is one of the most discussed topics in the React community. If you look around, you will […]

Wie man sich als Solo-Gründer organisiert

Getting Organized as a Solopreneur

In the following, I present to you my daily way of working, with which I, on the one hand, achieve my projects and on the […]

Windows Survival Guide for React and Web Developers

Introduction or why I wrote a survival guide As a lifelong Linux user I started a job in a company where I had to use […]

33 Linux Apps You Will Love

Starting with Linux on your laptop and want to know which apps you should use? Or you want to find better alternatives for the apps […]

Akiee Release 0.0.4

I have released Akiee Version 0.0.4. This release focuses on improving the user experience. The source code view and the board view got moved to the […]

Akiee 0.0.3 released

Release 0.0.3 is a big step for Akiee. I am switching Akiee from plain Javascript to Clojurescript with Reagent, which is a wrapper around Facebook's […]

Financing Open-Source-Projects via the Ubuntu Software-Center

Since a few month it's relatively easy to offer commercial software through the Ubuntu Software-Center. Why shouldn't this be used to finance open-source projects like […]

Business Model Canvas For Letter and A4

The Business Model Canvas is a great tool to draft different business models for your business idea. It is an accompanying download to the Business […]