A Markdown-based task manager for hackers and people who build stuff.

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With a unique ranking algorithm, Akiee is a task manager that makes it easy to concentrate on your next task. Decide what should be done next and do it. No more inconclusive priorities, only a clear ranking of tasks.

Akiee let's you easily order your tasks

Order your tasks easily

Instead of ordering your task with a weird combination of priorities and deadlines, Akiee lets you define a clear ranking of tasks, that makes it easy for you to decide what to do next. Build your projects one step at a time.

Akiee saves your tasks in a Markdown file

Save your tasks in plain text

A lot of productivity apps store your taski in their own database and file format. With Akiee you can access your tasks in every text editor available – on your computer and your phone. Your tasks get stored in a Markdown file, that you can edit and use to store notes as you please.

Akiee helps your wip limit

Limit your work-in-progress

How do you create more? Do less stuff at a time. Unlike other task managers Akiee has not two states for your tasks, but three: TODO, DOING and DONE. The DOING state helps you to reduce your work in progress and let go of all the future TODOs.