Akiee Release 0.0.4

Akiee Welcome-Screen

I have released Akiee Version 0.0.4. This release focuses on improving the user experience.

The source code view and the board view got moved to the menu, cause in tests they would not be used often and personal view is, that they should not be used often in an efficient workflow.

Repeating tasks will now be set to TODO after they are finished. Finished tasks get a finishing date, to give the user an overview when she finished which task. This also works for repeating tasks – they get the finishing date of the last repetition.

The DONE view now shows all finished tasks in chronological order, to make it easy for the user to see what he has done recently.

To simplify backlog management it is now possible to move tasks to the end or start of a view with one click.

For users who want to sync their tasks via cloud storage services like DropboxOwnCloud or Syncthing, can now do this. Simply choose the directory that you sync to your cloud storage as the directory for your tasks.

Additionally, I have improved Akiee’s performance. It now uses Electron instead of NW.js and the display of the tasks has been refactored, that it can be rendered faster. Thanks to Electron I can now provide downloads for almost every imaginable platform and package format.

User Storys FOR Akiee 0.0.3

  • Port from Node-Webkit to Electron.
  • As a (kanban) user I want to have the DONE state ordered by time in reverse, that I can see what I finished last.
  • When I am ordering my backlog, I want to put Tasks from the end of the backlog to the top.
  • Dropbox support.
  • Refactoring – Speedup
  • Move to Electron for the better toolkit and faster user interface.
  • Improve tests.
  • Make Akiee ready for mobile.
  • Try to speed up Akiee with cursors.
  • When I “done” a repeating task, I want that it is put to TODO again, but I want to see it in the DONE view.
  • Move Code-View and Board View to Menu, because it is almost never used.

Planed Features

  • Mobile App to View task and add new ones.
  • Zim integration.
  • Markdown mode for Zim.
  • When I enter a new task, I want to able to add more information to it without leaving my current view.
  • When I am scanning through a list in Akiee, I want to be able to use arrow-, page-, end- and pos1 keys.
  • When I am using Akiee a lot, I want to be able to donate something to the author, that I can help with / influence the development of Akiee.
  • When I am ordering my tasks, I want to be able to move them by drag&drap, because it is much faster than using the arrow buttons.
  • When I have larger tasks/stories (like writing a test article), I want to be able to divide it into sub-tasks.


More platform are available in the GitHub release repo.