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Akiee 0.0.3 released 30. August

Release 0.0.3 is a big step for Akiee. I am switching Akiee from plain Javascript to Clojurescript with Reagent, which is a wrapper around Facebook's React. Furthermore Akiee's UI has been improved to better fit into the respective operating systems.

On the functional side it is now possible to add or edit data of a task. Like planned date, due date, repeat, tags, etc.

The user storys for Akiee 0.0.3 were:

  • Merge rakiee repository with akiee
  • When I look over my task, I want to set/change an attribute so that I can change it to my needs.
  • improvement: Mac: Alias Ctrl shortcuts to Cmd
  • fix: Mac: Rename "node-webkit" in the menubar to Akiee
  • As A User I want to see the details of a task when I click on it, that I can see notes I did to finish it.
  • As a user, I want better integration, that the app feels more native to me.
  • As a developer I want to explore the options of using Clojurescript for Akiee, that I can leverage Lisp for competitive advantage

To grap a copy of Akiee choose on of the following downloads. I am very interested in your feedback.

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Technorati Claim 23. May


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Does Dell has plans on new Sputnik? 25. November

Update: The time being Barton has postet an official blog post. Though he is also talking about the new XPS 13 Developer Edition, he tells us about the tests of the M3800 with Ubuntu. The test is written by D. Jared Dominguez, you can read it at the Dell Community. Although it not official, it looks like there will be a big Sputnik.

Yesterday I asked Barton George via Twitter, if there would be a bigger brother of the XPS-13 Developer Edition. A few moments later he answered.:

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Financing Open-Source-Projects via the Ubuntu Software-Center 23. December

Financing Open-Source-Projects via the Ubuntu Software-Center

Since a few month it's relatively easy to offer commercial software through the Ubuntu Software-Center. Why shouldn't this be used to finance open-source projects like the Gimp, Ardour or Openshot and support their development efforts.

Let's Take Brian Lunduke's favorite example: The Gimp. Before I want to make an fundamental assumption: It doesn't conflict with the open-source/free software idea, to sell software, if you publish the source code at the same time.

How could this look like?

For Gimp there are certain plugins, which are not available via the standard package sources and which maintenance is bugging the typical (web-) designer.

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Steve Jobs - we will always remember 06. October

Steve Jobs - we will always remember

Dear Steve Jobs, 

thank you for the inspiration - as a geek and an entrepreneur.

We will never forget!

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Help Linux Users Kick Ass 12. July

This is an Ignite presentation, that I gave last year at the Webmontag in Frankfurt: "Help Linux Users To Kick Ass".

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Business Model Canvas For Letter and A4 26. February

The Business Model Canvas is a great tool to draft different business models for your business idea. It is an accompanying download to the Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers book by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. The only drawback is, that it's poster sized and not usable as a print out for your notebook.

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The 7 And A Half Sources Of Innovation 13. February

Find Innovative Ideas with the 7 Source of Innovations

The 7 Sources of Innovation help you to look systematically for innovative Ideas. It doesn't matter if you

  • want to start a new open source project
  • are searching for interesting topic for your next thesis
  • are looking for innovative business idea or
  • you want to put up an effective social project.

It neither doesn't matter, if you are looking for technical or social innovation. The point rather is to find out about demand, feasibility and timing of an innovation.

Ideas are not found by accident

To find new ideas you are normally advised to do some creativity techniques like Brainstorming or you are told to build a product for yourself. Ironically there is many advice to test you idea or business model - finding the idea in the first place is something accidental.

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Positioning Linux In The Desktop Market (or Why Hendrix would have used Linux) 28. July

Hendrix painting by furibond
Would he have used Linux? by furibond

At the moment some people are telling us Linux would have finally lost the battle for the desktop. For justification they claim Windows 7 is overtaking the netbook market. In this essay I will argue, Linux has not lost the desktop market and it should not position itself in the low-end PC market but in the high-end.

Linux can not lose the desktop market.

As I said before, Linux can not be beaten in the market as long there are curious programmers all over the world contributing to Free Software. For the success of Free Software it is not important how many people are using it. It is important how many people are contributing to Free Software. This argument stays true for big projects, like Gnome and KDE, and for all the small projects, like Scribes, Impressive, Gnome-Do, etc., that make Open Source Software so exciting.

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Wine for Ubuntu Users 27. July

A few days ago I spotted a wine for Ubuntu users. Unfortunately the shop was closed. But I think I will come back and taste the wine. € 9,99 is not to bad. Cheers!

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