About Rockiger

Why Rockiger?

„About eight month ago, when I cought myself fighting yet another battle with suspend/resume on my Linux-running laptop, I got so furious that I went to the nearest Apple store and bought a MacBook. After 12 years of almost exclusive use of free software, I switched to Mac OS X“
Ivan Kritic

When we read this, we thought: That's it! This can't go any further! Ubuntu deserves to be shiped with special hardware. Hardware that is build for Ubuntu. A computer is an unity of hardware and software, therefore it's important that both parts are tuned for each other. A leading operating system craves leading hardware.

Why Laptop Ubuntu

Why Ubuntu Laptop

How Rockiger is working?

We are giving people their freedom back. We combine Ubuntu with laptops. We take laptops which are playing along perfectly with Ubuntu and combine them with Ubuntu. With the money me make, we sponsor important open-source projects to make Ubuntu even better.

What Rockiger is doing?

The SatchBook is a laptop, which is developed with Ubuntu in mind. We have choosen hardware components that playalong very well with Ubuntu. There is no need to install any kind of graphics card driver und suspend/resume is working fine, too.

Laptop Ubuntu Linux

Wer steht hinter Rockiger?

Why Ubuntu Laptop

Marco Laspe - Marco is the founder and the ist Gründer und managing director of Rockiger. It was his idea to give an economic answer with the SatchBook to the bad Linux driver support by most hardware vendors: Seine Idee war es, mit dem SatchBook eine ökonomische Antwort auf die schlechte Treiberunterstützung von Linux durch die Hardwarehersteller zu geben: Reward the driver vendors, which support Linux and the community; ignore the others. For recreation Marco loves to play tennis.

Why Ubuntu Laptop

Titus - Titus is the chief operating mascot of Rockiger. His main target is to create positive emotions for the Rockiger brand and the SatchBook. His tactics: look sweet and adorable.